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If you struggle with mobility, you may have thought about moving to a more accessible space. However, we know there is no place like home, and there is no reason to leave if you can update your home to match your needs. At Southern Home Elevators, we offer shaftless home elevators that can be installed on any load-bearing wall in your home. The result is a magnificent, easy-to-use mobility device that can bring you safely from floor to floor.
Carrying anything between floors is easier than ever before. Enjoy reaching the upstairs bedroom without concern. The benefits are endless, and the options are affordable. Back in the day, we know elevators were an expensive addition to the home, and they often took weeks to complete. However, our elevators have been carefully designed to install quickly while taking minimal time to implement.

Since your new home elevator is entirely battery operated and charges using an outlet, there are no expensive re-wiring or panel upgrades. Where most elevators require a mechanical room, these do not. In fact, many of our clients have reported that they are so compact, they forget that they are there.

This is the only home elevator of its kind, and we encourage you to give it a try. Get in touch with the Southern Home Elevators team today to learn more about your installation and design options. We look forward to helping you regain access to every inch of your home.

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