Pneumatic & Vacuum Elevators for Homes Throughout Florida, including St. Cloud, St. Augustine, Palm Coast, Orlando, Kissimmee, Daytona Beach, FL, and the Surrounding Areas

Move between floors with both ease and elegance with a pneumatic elevator from Southern Home Elevators.

These air-powered elevators can easily move between up to five floors, comfortably holding up to three people (depending on your chosen model). However, they do not require much space, and many of them resemble an artistic choice for the space instead of simply a mobility option. Carrying anything between floors is easier than ever before. Enjoy reaching the upstairs bedroom without concern. The benefits are endless, and the options are affordable. Back in the day, we know elevators were an expensive addition to the home, and they often took weeks to complete. However, our elevators have been carefully designed to install quickly while taking minimal time to implement. Having an elevator in your home does not mean you will need to spend additional money on utility bills. With our innovative vacuum technology, all elevators use air pressure to lift and lower the cabin. This means the elevator itself only uses around 4.7 kilowatts while ascending —- and none during the descent. With minimal maintenance work, these elevators only need a replacement seal every four to five years. You can enjoy years of uninterrupted, safe rides without needing a technician’s assistance. To learn more about our products and mobility options, contact the Southern Home Elevators team today. Our pneumatic elevators have been fully tested and certified to ensure your safety and satisfaction. It’s time for a reliable and attractive lift in your home with less cost and maintenance. 
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