Vertical Lifts, Wheelchair Platform Lifts, and Outdoor Elevators in St. Augustine

Don't Let the Steps Stop You - Install a Vertical Platform Lift from Southern Home Elevators

Vertical lifts make an excellent choice to improve accessibility in the home, especially for those needing inside and outside access for a wheelchair.

If you’re in the market for vertical lifts in St. Augustine, contact Southern Home Elevators.

Our lifts are built to the highest quality standards and come with a comprehensive warranty for your peace of mind.

With our long-standing reputation, we’ve established a record of high-quality products and superior installation services.

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Get a high-quality residential outdoor elevator or wheelchair platform lift for your St. Augustine, FL home. Regain your mobility!

Wheelchair Platform Lifts in St. Augustine, Florida

Wheelchair platform lifts allow wheelchair or powerchair users to get in and out of the house independently. Let us help you find the wheelchair lift that best meets your needs.

Trust Southern Home Elevators to provide you with the highest quality vertical lifts for your accessibility needs. Contact us, and an elevator installer from our team will help you determine the best product for your needs and budget.

Vertical Lifts for St. Augustine, FL Homes

Vertical lifts make your home wheelchair accessible and welcoming for people with mobility challenges. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, our vertical lifts provide access of up to 14 feet. If you have vertical platform lifts, individuals in wheelchairs and scooters can more easily enter and exit your home.

Our vertical lifts include versatile designs that we can modify to fit any home’s aesthetic.

Browse our gallery of our recently completed projects to see for yourself!

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Improve your Mobility with a Practical & Attractive Vertical platform lift

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VPLs and Custom Home Elevators in St. Augustine, FL

Don’t want an elevator inside? Don’t have enough room? Get an outdoor elevator instead!

Whether you need vertical platform lifts, custom home elevators, a vacuum elevator, or an outdoor elevator, we offer various products to address your mobility issues.

Vertical or wheelchair platform lifts can be open or enclosed and work indoors or outdoors.

The most popular home elevators are the traditional hydraulic elevator and the contemporary pneumatic or vacuum elevator.

That said, we offer custom home elevators, so you’re free to design one that suits your needs. If you’re unsure what sort of outdoor elevator is best, our staff is happy to advise you on the right drive system or how to make your elevator work.

Vertical Lifts for St. Augustine, Florida

Southern Home Elevators Proudly Serves All of Florida, Including St. Augustine.

Founded in September 1565, St. Augustine is a city in northeast Florida. Given the city’s age, many refer to it as the Nation’s Oldest city. This old city has unique scenery and history that sets it apart from any other in the county.

St. Augustine offers more than historical landmarks, cobblestone streets, and pristine beaches. Besides its reputation as a tourist destination full of fun, sun, history, and mystery, the Nation’s Oldest City is a great place to live.