Wheelchair Platform Lifts, Custom Home Elevators, and Vertical Lifts in Palm Coast

Don't Let the Steps Stop You - Install a Vertical Platform Lift from Southern Home Elevators

Many people lose access to parts of their houses, such as their stairs, porches, or decks, because of aging, disability, or injury.

To restore full accessibility in your Palm Coast home, contact Southern Home Elevators to install vertical lifts, wheelchair platform lifts, and custom home elevators/outdoor elevators.

Our team takes time to understand your mobility needs and suggest a product that allows you to access any area of your home effortlessly.

Our products offer ergonomic designs and fit comfortably in any size home.

They also have battery-powered capabilities, so you don’t have to worry about power outages leaving you stranded.

Wheelchair platform lifts in Daytona Beach outside of home

Get a high-quality residential outdoor elevator or wheelchair platform lift for your Palm Coast, FL home. Regain your mobility!

Vertical Platform Lifts in Palm Coast, FL

When you have an aging family member or a loved one with accessibility needs, our residential vertical platform lifts provide effortless movement from one point to another. We construct our vertical platform lifts with corrosion-resistant aluminum, making them suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Custom Home Elevators for Palm Coast, FL Homes

When moving up and down the stairs becomes too unmanageable for you or a loved one, our custom home elevators allow for independent, comfortable, and safe movement up and down the stairs. 

An outdoor elevator without an enclosure is called a porch lift. These mobility devices typically comprise a platform on which the user rides, a platform gate, and a tower that houses the rail.

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Improve your Mobility with a Practical & Attractive Vertical platform lift

Vertical Platform Lifts Daytona Beach, Palm Coast, St. Cloud, FL, Orlando

Wheelchair Platform Lifts in Palm Coast, Florida

What is better than a wheelchair ramp? A wheelchair platform lift!
Not only are they more convenient and easier to use, for some homes, a platform lift may be the only option due to space limitations.

Whether your loved one uses a wheelchair, scooter, or power chair, safe and efficient vertical platform and wheelchair lifts help put them in control of their accessibility.

Wheelchair platform lifts make it easy for wheelchair users to access any private or public building.

Are you in the market for vertical lifts, wheelchair platform lifts, or custom home elevators/outdoor elevators in Palm Coast?

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Vertical Lifts for Palm Coast, Florida

Southern Home Elevators Proudly Serves All of Florida, Including Palm Coast.

Palm Coast is a city in Flagler County, Florida. In the 1950s, most of Palm Coast comprised swamp and pine forest before ITT Community Development Corporation planned, built, and maintained Palm Coast as a model environment community.

Today, Palm Coast boasts a vibrant lifestyle and a natural environment comprising 12 beautiful parks, over 125 miles of connecting paths and trails for walking/bicycling, world-class tennis and golf, a year-round Running Series, and abundant boating and fishing. The community offers a business assistance center, excellent schools, and plenty of amenities that make Palm Coast a great place to live and work.